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Clemson Feed Ration Calculator

This resource was developed to help livestock producers easily determine the anaysis of a particular feed mix. ( for more)

This tool is for determining nutrition and building mix sheets for specific rations. We also have a tool for generating rations for specific nutrition requirements and feed ingredients. Click link to visit our Feed Ration Optimizer. New

Step 1: General Info

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Step 2: Feedstuff Entry

Note: Scroll table left and right if all columns not visible.
Feed Name
Weight, lb
DM %
CP % 1
TDN % 1
CF % 1
Fat % 1
NEm 1,2
NEg 1,2
NEl 1,2
Ca % 1
P % 1
Source 3,4,5


Step 3: Mix Sheet

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Feed Ration Calculator
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