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Clemson Pivot Fertigation Calculator

This resource was developed to help producers easily calculate the flow rate of liquid fertilizer and injection pump settings needed to fertigate through a center pivot irrigation system. ( for more)

Step 1: Fertilizer Formulation

Are you preparing a liquid solution from a soluble fertilizer?
If so, visit our Liquid Fertilizer Solution Calculator.
Once complete, there will be a link to plug it in here.

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Step 2: Pivot Specs

Pivot Name:
Why? Pivot name is optional, but included for your ID purposes if links are emailed.

Radius Help? Generally, radius equals machine length plus endgun throw (if present)

Rotation Help? Pivot rotation entered should represent total area intended to be fertigated. Example: If only 1/4 of a full circle pivot will be fertigated, 90° should be entered here.

Step 3: Pivot Speed

* For determining travel times, be sure to use pivot
timer settings planned to be used during fertigation.

Speed Setting:
Why? Speed setting is included for your reference purposes if outputs are emailed.

Step 4: Fertilizer Rate

Step 5: Injection Pump

* If you have a pump model not listed that you would like added, please contact us using the link at the bottom of the page and we will try to add it.

Step 6: Schedule Builder





Fertilizer Density:
N %:
P2O5 %:
K2O %:
4th Nutrient %:
4th Nutrient Abbv:

N lb/gal:
P2O5 lb/gal:
K2O lb/gal:
4th nutrient lb/gal:

Wet Radius:
Wet Acres:
Wet Circumference:
Travel Angle:

Field Capacity:
Time Between Stops, hr:

Fertilizer gpm:
Fertilizer gal/ac:
Fertilizer gal:

Pump Make/Model:

Start DateTime:
End DateTime:

This URL:






Onload fertilizer_select:
Onload component_for_rate_select:
Onload input_lb_per_ac_selected_component:
Onload select_pump_manufacturer:
Onload select_pump_model:
Onload start_dt_final:

Step 7: Email Outputs/Links

* Hyperlinks below are for direct links to the settings specified above.

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Pivot Fertigation Calculator
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