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Peanut Yield Estimator

Provide the following inputs to estimate your peanut yield based on observations of the windrow. Note: This calculator does not account for reduced weight from pops (un-filled hulls) nor does it account for combining losses. Note: The estimate is based on a pod count per foot of windrow, not per foot of row.

Yields are estimated by observing the number of pods counted in a given length of windrow. Virginia type peanuts are estimated here to be an average weight of 1.8 g per pod and runner type peanuts are estimated here to be an average weight of 1.2 g/pod. These estimates are based in part on a Clemson study conducted in 2015. Your actual pod weights may vary from the averages we observed, but this calculator should provide a decent estimate of expected yield.

This same calculator can be used to estimate peanut digging losses if pod losses are collected from the area representing both rows of a windrow. Remember that there may be as many or more below ground losses as there are above ground losses.


NOT row-feet, but windrow-feet (count should include both rows in windrow)

Estimated Peanut Yield:

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